Below are some of the psychotherapy services I have offered over the years. Please understand that these lists are not exhaustive. I am able to address a number of issues in depth. Goodness of fit between you and your psychotherapist is my primary concern when it comes to treating psychological issues.

In a more comprehensive approach to mental health, diagnoses are useful as stepping stones to a more global assessment of the whole person. You will find that in my work with you or your teen, I pay attention to this bigger picture. In the same way you wouldn’t want to have a band aid placed on a broken bone, it’s important for your therapist to understand what’s at the core of the issues you bring to therapy. That’s why I encourage you to seek an initial consultation so we can better assess your needs and see if I’m able to help you.



Thérapie en français:

Tous les services de psychothérapie mentionnés ci-dessus sont aussi offerts en français. Contactez-moi pour en savoir plus.