What issues do teenagers face?

Some teenagers can become socially isolated, refuse to talk, or have other behavioral problems. They may be experiencing some kind of distress but don’t know how to express it. Adolescence is the turning point between the magical years of childhood and the responsibilities of adulthood. This can be a stressful time of life to manage for both parents and teens.

As a parent, you do not need to do this alone. I have significant training in parenting skills and family counseling. I can especially support you and your teen with some of the more challenging issues of adolescence: depression, anxiety, emotional stress or anger, acting out, sexuality or gender issues, and social isolation.

Further, the stresses of adolescence can submerge teens into existential crises and spiritual confusion. Each year, about 1 in 10 teens attempts suicide, a major cause for concern among parents. This number increases fourfold for LGBTQ teens, who still experience stigma due to their differences. Teens are also highly susceptible to trauma from violence, bullying, and emotional or sexual assault among other concerns.

Why psychotherapy can help. 

For teenagers and parents, psychotherapy can be a life saver. It can help manage those challenging times and create a more stable environment for you and your family. Behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, defiance, or social isolation are often signs of internal stress in need of expression. These issues can be very challenging to deal with, raising doubts about our parenting and making us feel ashamed and hopeless. Such feelings can often keep parents from reaching out for fear of further exposure.

When I was a teenager, I experienced behavioral and emotional problems from the loss of a sibling to cancer. I did not have access to the services that I currently offer. I needed to address the trauma much later in life, which required much more effort and attention.

Whatever your teen’s issues or parenting needs, I’m here to help. In my practice, I will usually invite you and your teenager to meet separately at first. I may also invite other family members to participate in a teen’s sessions. Individual sessions with teenagers can involve play therapy. To learn more about play therapy, click here.