Dreams and nightmares, including recurring dreams

“I had the strangest dream last night.” If we counted the times people have made such a statement, we would probably have a database rivaling Google’s. How can we make sense of these crazy dreams and nightmares that show up when we’re not looking? Are they just nonsensical products of brain synapses gone awry? Or do they really mean something, as Sigmund Freud intimated when said the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to knowing the unconscious mind?

Most people are inclined to make a direct and simple conclusion from a dream, if they remember the dream at all. Others might rely on the use of the many dream symbol dictionaries on the market. Yet, to truly experience your dreams is to come in direct relationship with the hidden, unconscious parts of your psyche. Because these images come from the unconscious, your normal consciousness is not usually willing to access the true meaning of the dream. Getting the help of a therapist who is skilled at helping unfold the images in the dream can lead you in the right direction to discover the depth of awareness that can come from being in relationship with your dreams.

Dreams are just one of the many ways that you can access the hidden aspects of the psyche. You should not be worried if you don’t dream or don’t remember them. As you might see if you explore my website further, there are many ways to access the unconscious or dormant aspects of your psyche.

Nightmares are just one more way that dreams can attempt to convey the urgency or importance of a message. It’s important to not take these messages too literally, but to explore the content of the dream in a safe, investigative environment such as with a skilled psychotherapist. Children are often susceptible to having nightmares, and my work with them can be both revealing and relieving.